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Company history

■  1980
Establishment of Hewa, formwork reconditioning and, over time, patented solution for formwork coating

■  1999
Hewa take-over by Michael and Martin Jucker, company renamed schaltec Bauschalungssanierung GmbH

■  2000
Development and market launch of the Hewa Gen II panel with birch core and plastic coating on both sides

■  2001
Development of second-hand formwork business of all manufacturers

■  2004
Start-up of a CNC timber machining center for the production of ready-to-use replacement panels

■  2007
Development of production and market launch of Triton frame formwork

■  2008
Development of a formwork rental park with schaltec Triton and PERI Trio

■  2009
Establishment of schaltec AG Schweiz as a 50% subsidiary of schaltec Schalungssysteme GmbH

■  2011
Start of the schaltec online shop with replacement panels for self-reconditioning, formwork components and second-hand formwork

■  2015
As a 100% subsidiary, schaltec becomes part of the PERI Group, and is rebranded as schaltec GmbH

■  2015
Establishment of schaltec AG Schweiz as a 100% subsidiary of PERI GmbH, operational management by schaltec GmbH

■  2015
Strategic realignment of schaltec GmbH with the four business units:
1. Formwork reconditioning
2. Manufacture of and trading in ready-to-use replacement panels from all formwork systems
3. Trading in second-hand formwork systems from all manufacturers
4. Trading in second-hand scaffolding systems from all manufacturers

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